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Send a Case

 Please use Adobe Reader to fill out RX. You can download the free Adobe Reader HERE.

Call Ezclear Aligners 787-868-5598 for immediate service.

Traditional Impression & Models

Ezcad dental lab is fully equipped to work with conventional polyvinyl siloxane or polyether materials and other common impression materials. We ask you spray impressions with a cold-sterilizing agent and place in individual, clear plastic bags, seperate from the prescription so it does not get wet.

Please use bubble wrap to protect models and do not use a rubber band around wax materials to avoid heat-pressure distortion. Call Ezcad Dental Lab 787-868-5598 for immediate service.

Digital Submission

Thanks to today’s speedy and proficient digital dental technology, we can receive your digital file and case requirements, communicate questions or problems and discuss solutions— all before your patient leaves your office. Digital submissions provide the most efficient, accurate fabrications, with less adjustments and fewer remakes and appointments. Ezcad is a fully digital dental lab service in Puerto Rico, please contact us for details. With digital impressions, case work is streamlined as costs are reduced since we both see a virtually articulated, computer-generated model on the monitor for easy reference and communication. This recorded data allows us to design, mill and then delivery your product quickly. In general, digital impressions offer numerous benefits, such as:
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Low remake factor
  • Less time wasted in dental chair
  • Easier for the patient — less chair time, no “gag” material used
  • Improved fit of final prosthesis with fewer mistake

3Shape Communicate Connection to EZ Care Aligners

Step 1

Press Configure Communicate button on the Lab Connection page to open Configure Communicate window. Press ​Add lab button to load 3Shape Communicate web site.

Step 2

Press the Connections menu item at the top to load the Connected Sites page. Press ​​​​Add Connection button to open Connect to other Dental Clinics and Labs page. Fill in Ezcad Dental Lab (Ezcad’s 3Shape Communicate email is and press Find button.

Step 3

Select Ezcad Dental Lab and press the Connect button. A message will be sent to Ezcad Dental Lab notifying us that you wish to connect. (It is a good idea to call us as well at 787-868-5598 and let us know you wish to connect!!)

Step 4

We will approve your request and the status will appear as active. Note: you may have to hit Refresh to update the list.

Patients today have a decision to make when they decide to undergo orthodontic treatment—choosing between clear aligners and traditional braces. Ezclear Aligners offer several benefits and are an effective alternative to bracket and wire orthodontics, especially for adults.

When it comes to traditional metal braces, there is a long list of food items you should avoid minimizing damage to wires and brackets. Wearers are told to stay away from foods like popcorn, nuts, sticky or hard candy, gum, and a host of other pleasing snacks. These foods are also more likely to become stuck or lodged inside of the components of the braces, causing frustration and discomfort.

EzclearAligners can be removed before eating and drinking, allowing you to enjoy any food you desire! You do not have to limit yourself to a soft diet. With the average treatment time of traditional braces being 24 months, that is a long time to have your diet restricted. Clear aligners are easy to remove, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your meals before replacing them inside your mouth.

A common complaint of traditional metal braces is the development of sores or ulcers inside of your mouth. This is typical, due to the rough exterior of the brackets and wires. They often rub the inside of the tongue, cheeks, and lips causing painful abrasions. While there are ways to prevent these sores from forming, most wearers of traditional braces are bound to develop these discomforts during treatment – probably more than a few times.

Invisible aligners are trimmed to the gum line and fit snugly around your teeth, minimizing the risk of developing mouth sores during treatment. Unlike traditional braces, the exterior of the aligner is smooth. This greatly reduces the risk of irritation. Getting bumped in the cheek or mouth will not cause painful cuts like what you would get during treatment with metal braces.

You should always clean your clear retainers before putting them back on your teeth. That means after you brush your teeth in the morning and in the night, and it means after you have taken them out to eat or drink. You do not want to trap any food or debris in there just to settle on your teeth!

The first thing you should do when cleaning your clear retainers is to rinse them with water. When doing so though, make sure you do not use hot water. That high temperature can end up distorting the shape of your retainer, which means it will not be as effective as keeping your teeth in place. Rinse only with cool or lukewarm water.

To brush your aligners, use a soft-bristled toothbrush in small circular motions. Remember to clean both the inside and outside of the retainer to make sure you are getting away all the bad bacteria that may be hiding there. Use liquid dish soap instead of toothpaste on your retainers. Once you are done, go ahead and give it another rinse.

Medit Connection to Ezcad Dental Lab

Once your Meditlink account has been created you can set up a connection to Ezcad. After installation of the desktop software connect to Ezcad Dental Lab using Follow this link to download the Meditlink user guide
Follow this link to veiw video on how to connect to labs

Should you have any questions, please contact us or 787-868-5598